Thursday, November 19, 2015

learn #5

What I learned this week was that I shouldn't miss school. I missed school on Friday so now I don't really know what i'm suppose to do in math, so i'm going to have to turn my math sheet in late, and the new math sheet I got today, number 13, because I don't understand number 12. Another thing I learned is that I should look for things more than twice. I have an F on an assignment called Rockets Growth Chart. I asked Mr.Ko and he told me to check in the bin in both classes and my binder, I checked my binder and there it was. I had forgotten to tag it and turn it in. So it was my mistake, but it was my fault because I was panicking that I had so many things to do because I was absent one day. I went through a mistake, learn and grow process. My mistake was missing school, I learned that I shouldn't miss school unless I have to, I grew because now I try not to miss school, but if I do, then I know to ask a teacher for help.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When in doubt ask for help. #6

        What I learned was that I should ask for help when I need it because it's more embarrassing to not know how to do something then to ask for help. I also learned to double check with a teacher if something in your work doesn't seem right. I thought my work on problem set #4 was correct but then something didn't seem right. I didn't have a value for e so I asked Ms.Jade and she gave me the correct one and I got that R^2= 1 which was the best one we could have. If I wouldn't have asked for help I wouldn't have gotten the right answer. It's always better to ask for help so you can be right, and have the knowledge of the problem. In math class we got to s[pin the wheel again and this time I did go up when I was called. When I spun it I got to pay $300.00 for a washing machine. So I went to my kids bank account to pay it. Later Henry called me because he said I hadn't payed, but I was sure I did. Later I found out I had pressed on a wrong button so I paid again, but made sure I clicked confirm. I went through a mistake learn and grow process. My mistake was that I didn't ask for help when I needed it, I learned to not argue that you did something when you didn't, I grew because I'm not embarrassed to ask for help when I need it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Double check #4

 A mistake I made was that I forgot to spin the life cycle wheel. I had heard my name called, but I thought I was imagining it so I didn't really pay attention. Later they called up people who hadn't spun it and they called my name. they had to call me up to go spin it. When I did I realized that I was wrong that when I hear my name being called I should ask if somebody called me just to be sure.  So I basically double check when you think you are being called. I went through a mistake learn and grow process. Mistake forgetting to spin a life cycle, learned to double check if you hear your name being called, grow because now I double check when I do things.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Forgetting my seat in math #3

What I learned this week was where I sit for the rest of two weeks. We got new seats in math class.  I had forgotten that we did so I sat in my old seat. When I didn't see the people who sat in the table I did, I got confused but thought that they might want to sit somewhere else before class started. When people got in they started siting different seats them last time. Then someone came up to me and told me I was in there seat. I was confused for a second and told them that it was my seat. They then reminded me that we had moved seats.  What I learned was where I seat now because I didn't know before. At least I didn't remember. I went through the process of mistake learn grow. Mistake not knowing my seat, Learn were my seat is, grow because I now I know how to not make the same mistake.

Monday, September 28, 2015

What I learned #2

                   What  I learned this week was that lunch is earlier in some days. Like on Tuesdays we go to lunch at 12:00. Other days we have it at 12:25 and other days at 12:45. I know the time that we go to lunch, but I haven't memorized what days. I've made mistakes like by looking at what time it is and saying, it's time for lunch,but then it's not. I still make mistakes like on Wednesdays, I forget that our schedule is different from other days, because of advisory. Also I made a mistake because I forgot were my sisters advisory is at so I got lost and I asked for help, they told me , but I still got lost. The process I went through was a mistake learn and grow. My mistake was not knowing where my sister advisory was, I now learned were it was, and I grew because now I won't make the same mistake... I hope.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

mistake.learn.grow #1

             On the first week of school I didn't really make any mistakes. I knew were to go to  for lunch,which is right outside when you get out the main entress. I knew were the bathroom was it's on the left hall where the closet is. I already knew the teachers names,Mr.Ko,Mr.Agurri and Mr.Brian. I did make a mistake on students names, I still get mixed up sometimes with peoples names mostly with the guys. On the first day I didn't know were my advisory's teachers class was, so I had to ask in the front office and then I found out it was where the Jr's are at . I've also gotten mixed up with my classes, I didn't memorise my schedule so i would go into other classes like when we finished Mr.Ko's class I thought we had to go to Mr.Agurri ,but we stayed in class for Mr. Delgado. I now know my classes better and i've gotten better with names, I don't get so mixed up.